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Create a YouTube Live Widget for Your Website in Minutes

Live video content is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and conveying your message in a more impactful way. By embedding YouTube Live videos directly onto your website with EmbedVidio's simple embed code, you can create a seamless viewing experience for your audience. With the EmbedVidio Wordpress plugin, you can embed your YouTube Live videos directly on your website and they'll start automatically every time, without any need for a page refresh. It's a total time-saver and makes things super simple for you and your viewers. Give it a try and see how much smoother your YouTube Live experience can be!

Live stream on your WordPress website with YouTube Live.

Do you live stream from YouTube? Would you like be able to auto-embed YouTube Live on your WordPress website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Does NOT require the 1000 follower minimum.

Live on your website

With EmbedVidio, you can auto-embed YouTube Live directly on your WordPress website. Get started right away!

Placeholder Image or Video

Want to show a custom image or your last video when you are not live on YouTube? No problem, you can do that.

Automatic Start

There is no page refresh required, your live stream starts automatically in less than 10 seconds after you go live.

One Time Embed

No more wasting time updating embed codes every time you want to go live. Embed once and stream live every time.

Previous Video Templates

Use one of our beautifully designed video templates to show all of your Facebook videos when you are not live.

Distraction Free

There are a lot of distractions on YouTube. Keep your audience focused on your website and YouTube Live video.

How to embed YouTube Live on your WordPress website?

Start live streaming YouTube Live on your WordPress website in 3 easy steps.

1. Connect

Use your YouTube Channel ID to create a EmbedVidio embeddable widget.

2. Embed

Simply add your one time embed code to the Wordpress webpage you want to stream live to.

3. Go Live

Go Live from your YouTube channel... watch your YouTube live video stream automatically on your WordPress webpage.

Why embed YouTube Live on your website?

Ramp up engagement!

Reach more website visitors

Make it easy for them to view YouTube live streams on your website.

It’s easy

With EmbedVidio, it’s so easy to embed live video on your website. Embed your widget code just once and you are done.

Time Saver

Stop wasting time updating embed codes every time you want to go live. Embed once and stream live every time.

What they say about EmbedVidio

EmbedVidio has been an essential component to reach those in our group who choose not to be on social media. Being able to stream and push content to our website has been so valuable.

Tim Lee

I love being able to point people to our website to view our livestream broadcasts. Super helpful for non Facebook users.

Paul Amlin

Every day we stream the daily mass via Facebook Live.

With EmbedVidio we now have a permanent embed streaming Facebook Live to our .org website!

Gabriel Gaud Burgos

More than just YouTube Live WordPress Plugin

EmbedVidio's social video widgets allow you to do much more than auto-embedding YouTube Live. Our templates allow you to create video widgets for business and marketing purposes, while auto-embedding live streams from Facebook, Twitch, and other providers. Join many churches, gamers, instructors, musicians, and more who use EmbedVidio for embedding social media videos on their websites. Start your Free Trial today!

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